Privacy Policy 909 Online BV

The personal information of the customers and visitors of the websites are being treated with the utmost care and security. 909 Online B.V. believes that the protection of data of its customers and visitors to its websites are relevant and necessary to its operations. 909 Online B.V. complies with the requirements that are imposed by data protection (self-) regulation on careful processing of personal data. Responsible for the data processing is 909 DIGITAL B.V. located Keurenplein 41 Box A7291 , 1069CD Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Chamber of Commerce 81623690.

Processing of personal data

As part of our service we process information about you. This is the case when you invited to participate in a call service. There are also data processed for services of our sister companies, sponsors and partners in the delivery of the prize to the winner, when stating your interest, or when you contact us through another way. We are talking about the following data; contact information, mobile phone number, data about registration or deregistration for something like a newsletter, ordered products/services, information about payments, log files in the context of mobile services and interests specified in our various services.

We use this information for the execution and completion of the agreement with you (and our service providers), other services (sister companies or sponsors and partners), internal operations and to keep customers updated on (new) products and services or services of our sister companies or sponsors and partners. If you are not interested in receiving this you can unsubscribe at any time.

Use of login information

In order to make use of our mobile services you will be asked to go through the (usually country specific) application process. Here you will be asked for some information, such as name, address, zip code, city, gender, mobile number, email address and bank account number. These credentials are used to send information as part of our service and to conclude payment. We also would like to keep you updated on new kinds of products, services and other interesting offers.

Mobile phone number

If you have filled in your (mobile) phone number this is used after application to perform the type of service to you and to conclude the agreement with your authorization. If you have indicated to be interested, we will use your mobile phone number to also communicate with you and to update you about (new) products and services. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link on the bottom of the message you receive on your mobile phone.

Email address

If you have entered your email address and indicated that you want to receive for example the newsletter or other information, then we can inform you better about different types of offers and actions as customer. If you no longer wish to receive this information, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link on the bottom of the email you received. It is also possible that you have consented to the e-mail address being made available to the occasional receiving of offers and promotions from other companies. These companies are carefully selected in advance. In most cases you can indicate this yourself on the website.


You can take note of the information we have recorded about you. If the information is incorrect, please help us to correct it. Requests for access to or correction of your data can be sent to the address above. You can also contact this address if you have any questions about how we handle your data.

Preferences types of products and services

We strive to take your preferences into account as much as we can. If you are not interested in information about (new) relevant products and services, we ask you to pass through the special unsubscribe page on our website. Beware: our services are aimed at sharing information with you about preferences for different types of products and services. A total blocking of your data can lead to the non-receipt of information about promotions or offers you are probably interested in.

File information

For our services the ‘database’ information is being maintained to be able to control our services (and our service providers). The purpose of this is to optimize the reliability of the service. The information can also be used to prevent abuse of the data and, if necessary, to meet more specific information requests from third parties on the basis of (self-) regulation.

Browsing and IP address

We also use the IP address of your computer. This IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer when you browse the internet, as one of our sites or landing pages. They can be used to see the usage of the website is created and for the preparation of analyzes and reports with non-identifiable information.


Due to the nature of the service and trust that one has to put into our service we pay extra care to the technical and organizational security measures to protect data.


Sites that display advertisements use cookies to keep track of which ads are shown to you. These cookies are placed but by the company that is responsible for these ads. The sole purpose of these cookies is to show the communication that is needed to show the advertisement on the website or to deliver the requested service to the user after clicking on one of the advertisements. ‘Clicks’ give us information that is important for statistical analysis on a unidentifiable level. Your personal use cannot be derived.


On this site you will find some links to other websites. We are not responsible to how these organizations use your information. For this please refer to the privacy statement on the website you are visiting.


We reserve the right to make changes in this Privacy statement. Major changes will be announced on this site in the privacy statement.